Evening walk on high heels| Thessaloniki | 18.07.2019

Evening walk on high heels (1 image - Thessaloniki)

Passenger on the Staten Island ferry | New York | 30.04.2019

Passenger on the Staten Island ferry (1 image - World Series)

Sunset | Thessaloniki | 06.03.2019

Sunset (1 image - Thessaloniki)

The Agiou Mina arcade | Thessaloniki | 15.10.2018

The merchants of the Agiou Mina arcade left a long time ago. Once it was a vibrant commercial center, but that has since been moved to the modern city center. The gate is often closed but today I was lucky. Curiously I went inside and walked through the empty corridors, waiting for something to happen. Suddenly this man with the briefcase came in and kindly said something about the art of photography. He walked up a staircase and disappeared. A moment later an elderly man walked in, opened the shutter of what appeared to be his former store and took place on a chair in front of it. Later that day he was still sitting alone in the empty gallery. When I passed by a day or two later, I almost bumped against the man with the briefcase who just walked out. Over his shoulder I saw that the shopkeeper was still there. As a restless spirit waiting for customers from a distant past. (1 image - Thessaloniki)

Cycladen | Greece | 30.07.2018

Sunset in Santorini (3 images)

Kungfu training | Terschelling | 03.06.2012

Members of Kungfu Wushu Maastricht (2 images - The Art of War)

Kungfu training | Terschelling | 03.06.2012

Members of Kungfu Wushu Maastricht (2 images - The Art of War)

Tsipoura | Thessaloniki | 13.02.2018

Street art. (1 image)

The butcher brothers | Thessaloniki | 31.12.2014

From the archives: The butcher brothers waiting for customers in the Modiano Market, ready for New Year's Eve. (1 image - Thessaloniki)

Autumn leaves | Maastricht | 13.11.2017

Autumn leaves in the public park (1 image - Local)

Mount Olympus | Thessaloniki | 19.10.2017

Thermaikos bay. (1 image)

Old man | Kalo Nero | 28.04.2017

Sunset in the Peleponnesos. (1 image - World Series)

Sunset | Nafplio | 26.04.2017

Evening walk in Nafplio. (1 image - World Series)

Lost in thoughts | Athens | 23.04.2017

Lost in thoughts at the Acropolis. (1 image - World Series)

A foggy day | Maastricht | 08.01.2017

A foggy day in Maastricht. (1 image - Local)

New Year's Eve | Thessaloniki | 31.12.2016

New Years's Eve celebrations at the Modiano market. (2 images - Thessaloniki)

Bodybuilding contest | Genk | 30.10.2016

Mara, performing at the Benelux Championships Natural Bodybuilding. (1 image - Local)

Barbican Towers | London | 30.03.2016

View on the Barbican Towers, City of London. (1 image)

'Ochi day' | Thessaloniki | 28.10.2015

On 'Ochi Day' (October 28th) the Greek commemorate that general Ioannis Metaxas in 1940 rejected the ultimatum set by Benito Mussolini to grant the Italian army access to Greek territory. And that should be celebrated, whether there's a crisis or not! A touching photo report of Greek muscle-flexing. (9 images - Thessaloniki)

St. Paul & the Broken Bones | Maastricht | 21.03.2015

Lead singer Paul Janeway and his band "St. Paul and The Broken Bones", a six-piece soulband from Birmingham, Alabama, USA. (3 images - Local)

Soccer skills | Maastricht | 23.12.2014

The first day of the winter break and we are already back on the field. (3 images)

Agios Dimitrios | Thessaloniki | 25.10.2014

In one way or another I always end up in one or another parade in Thessaloniki. This time these Greek-Orthodox priests pulled out all the stops to celebrate the acquisition of two new icons. (1 image)

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